About Omoge

Omoge began with an obsession. An obsession with making people feel amazing about themselves. With makeup and hair, features are enhanced and imperfections are blurred, but when we get down to the surface level every feature was already there. You were already beautiful. You are omoge.
I started off Omoge as most artists do. I just loved playing in makeup. I loved the versatility of hair and wigs. The more I played in makeup, the more I wanted others to be able to feel what I felt about it. Women of color are often left marginalized by the beauty industry, limited in looks and by products. Generally, there is less information on makeup application when it comes to women of color. From walking into Sephora and seeing 30 shades of beige alongside the three shades of brown to having your makeup done by artists who know nothing of personalizing the makeup application process for women of color and walking out three shades too light, makeup can feel impossible. Even the assumptions that color should be reserved for women with a bit less melanin limits the lines of exploration available to us. Women of color are made to feel left out by the cosmetic industry. I wanted to reach this population.
Omoge serves these women. Women of color do wear makeup and should not only wear it but should feel beautiful and confident doing so. No prior knowledge of makeup is necessary. Explore the world of makeup with Omoge as your guide. From consultation services and in depth research to the actual application process, we’re with you each step of the way. You want to try color, brands that actually cater to us, and even that blue eyeshadow look you’ve eyeing, we’ll help bring it to life. Making beauty services accessible to all.
Omoge Mission